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The power of video under your control.

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On any device:

TeleprompterPAD app is compatible with any device.

This includes mobile devices under iOS and Android operating systems, as well as laptops and desktops or even Smart-TV.

app Teleprompter Works on any device

Open, copy-paste, write, edit or save your script.

Everything in the app TeleprompterPAD is automatic and intuitive.

You can open a WORD, PDF, ODT, RTF or TXT file from the local disk of your device or from the associated cloud services, no extra configuration is needed.

Use the pencil tool to copy and paste any text, write the script directly from the Teleprompter screen or make quick corrections on the fly.

You can also save your edited script to a file, either on your local drive or in the cloud.

app Teleprompter Open, copy-paste, write or edit your text

Remote control and Pedal.

Turn on and go, it's that simple.

Buy our remote control or our pedal for teleprompter is optional but it is very useful to make quick recordings without the help of third parties.

Watch the remote button mapping in the remote help center article.

Watch the pedal button mapping in the pedal help center article.

app Teleprompter with Remote control
Buy Remote

Remote control for teleprompter

Control your teleprompter remotely, without the help of an assistant.

Ideal to control your teleprompter while you use it, especially if you don’t have an assistant while recording. It’s so small that you can hide it in the palm of your hand or in a pocket.

This fantastic gadget has been tested with leading teleprompter APP on iOS and Android to ensure maximum compatibility. Works with 2 AAA batteries not included.

Buy Pedal Case

Pedal Case for teleprompter

Free your hands! Use our foot pedal.

Free your hands! Use our foot pedal configuration for shots where you need your hands to be free.

Whether it is to manipulate a product while speaking or to make your speech feel more natural by making hand gestures, this teleprompter presentation remote should be essential to any blogger kit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us.

Is this Teleprompter App really free?

Absolutely! It is 100% free, without fees or registration of any kind.

Is this Teleprompter App compatible with Windows 11 or Mac?

Yes, and the bluetooth remote (with or without pedal case) is also compatible. You can install it from the official Microsoft or Apple app stores and use the app like any other installed software.

Where can I buy the best affordable teleprompter for iPad?

In no doubt ;-D

Can I download this App for Teleprompter from the App-Stores?

Yes, You can download and install this Teleprompter app for iOS for free from this link in the App Store and you can also download and install this Teleprompter app for Android for free from this link in the Play Store .

Can I use the TeleprompterPAD (hardware) with third-party Apps for Teleprompter?

Definitely! You can use any App of the many App for Teleprompter available in the App-Stores, however not all App are compatible with the operation of our remote (check which ones in the next question).

Can I use the remote with other third-party Apps for Teleprompter?

Of course! There are some third-party Teleprompter App that are compatible with our remote, for example for Android we recommend "Simple Teleprompter" and for iOS we recommend "PrompterPal". You can find more information about how to use these apps from this link.


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